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Urban Cosmography is a research think-tank & design practice based in Athens, Greece.

We work on socially-oriented projects with all actors involved in city-making, such as 

Municipalities, NGOs, Investment groups, Private and Public organizations, Universities.

Urban Cosmography was established in 2019 from architects Francesca Cocchiara and Sergios Strigklogiannis to promote the conversation around the potentials, criticalities, and theories of the urban environment. 


We work as local consultants and designers to realize community-oriented projects:

  • Creating guidelines for improving the urban environment

  • Surveying the quality of the urban space and how it is performing for people

  • Designing high-quality urban spaces

We promote engagement in talking about cities:

  • Writing articles, interviews, book reviews

  • Building an Urban Vocabulary

  • Advertising calls for papers, conferences, events and educational programs


  • We believe in the role of the architect as a catalyst, who supports the transformation of the space by human activities.

  • For us, space determines people's behavior and every space is a space of relation

  • We consider research and design as powerful ways to encourage empathy and drive positive social change.



Urban Cosmography is based in Athens, Greece.

Contact us at urban.cosmography@gmail.com


Francesca Cocchiara is an architect from Cagliari, Italy. She graduated at the University of Cagliari, (2011) and obtained a Master of Science in Human Settlements at the KU Leuven, Belgium (2014). Having lived and worked in many cities across Europe and the USA, she developed a strong interest in how people shape their own environment and vice versa.  She is an affiliate of Planners for Climate Action.

Sergios Strigklogiannis is an architect from Rhodes, Greece. He graduated from the University of Stuttgart, Germany (2008) and obtained a Master of Science in Human Settlements at the KU Leuven, Belgium (2014). Alongside his professional practice, he is a Ph.D. researcher at the National Technical University of Athens focusing on the social impact of urban design practices.